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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take what?

I know I shouldn't, but I like this video... okay I was a Take That fan. And they're back! And Robbie's with them! How can you not like slightly scruffy pop music. How can you not like this video when you see Robbie go by on his bike, he does slightly menacing on a BMX bike so well! Chain mail! Breastplates! Keytars! Parade leader Batons! All without irony.... okay except for Robbie, he knows...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Go!

A song on a commercial reminded me of this band, i used to have this CD but lent it to a friends sister and then she became an ex-friend. Ahhh the joys of being in your early 20's. Anyway it was a great CD. Their videos are very 90's and good, nothing ground breaking or amazing though they make me dizzy, too much crazy camera work. I wonder what happened to them....I should see if their album is still available...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old, old school!

This is a terrible video from the late 70's, you can blame the beauty company Lush for its apperance today. I was downtown when I came across 2 girls and a bunch of guys doing a choreographed routine to this song. At first I thought it was the worst flash mob ever, but it turns out it was promotion for a new shower gel call "it's raining men". I did get a full sized sample!

Now this is a much better version, but only because it's paying homage to 80's dance flicks. I do have to point out that the dancer at the begining is certainly not Geri Halliwell herself. Both of these videos actually show unhealthy extremes in body image. The original contains to ladies that are going to die young and have a lower quality of life due to the extent of their obesity. Geri Halliwell on the other hand looks disturbingly skinny, especially compared to her former weight. Besides the constant obsession it takes to maintain that kind of body on a person who's not natureally skinny, all sorts of problems come with being underweight. She also makes her self a complete FASO in this video.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Movement Moves Me!

I love this band and this song, but have never seen any of their videos until today. I like it! It starts off cool enough, everyone looking hipster aloof with some nice tight shots of the faces, and then; bam! I love how they start playing with light. It really gives the video some bold shots, and interesting ones too. The saddest thing is that this band is no longer together and they only ever made the one brilliant album. Sob!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ha ha ha ha, it looks like this band has combined the 2 major musical movements in the '90s; heroine chic grunge and pretty boy, boy bands! Besides the fact that seeing both these guys mak-ing out with random girls is gross, this video was cheaply done, and it looks it. It's funny how they have a well known guest artist on this song, but it seems like they are trying to hide her in the video. Really I find this whole video odd, it doesn't flow well, the colour is wrong, the styling and make up are badly done too.

Praise This

I think this video is up there as one of the best ever. The song is great, the video was so original at the time, it had never been done before. It just makes it all the better that the actual director choreographed it, and danced in it. The people's reactions are priceless and the whole ridiculousness of it is so funny!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Guerilla Time.

Though they are growing a bit boring now, you gotta love U2. They have had many great videos over the years, but this one sprang to my mind today. It was so weird to watch it for so many reasons. This video is about 20 years old and it's strange to see them looking so young and earnest!  It's also strange to notice how much the world has changed since then. I would think a band would never get the permission for something like this in the first place now a days and it seems like the police also have more power now then they used to.  I suppose we can also thank Mr. Bush for that one!

In this long version it really makes me laugh about how the radio people keep talking about how it's not a good neighbourhood! Bono never did have long hair again after this... I just can't get over how young they look! Their next album was Achtung Baby where they started taking themselves less seriously and began to play with the ideas of image. There's actually a really interesting book written about this time in the bands career and what was happening in the world then. It's called U2 at the end of the world.